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So what exactly is RetreatU?
RetreatU is an online program that teaches you everything you need to know about running a successful retreat.

You’ll learn how to create an unforgettable experience and learn the secret to guarantee demand for it. You’ll also learn the best strategies for marketing and selling your retreat. When you join RetreatU, you’ll learn how to build a profitable retreat business and join our network of retreat lovers around the world. The program incorporates years of proven coaching strategies and is paced perfectly so you can learn practical tools as you go along. We’re here to educate, empower, and encourage you to bring your dream to life.
The retreat industry is booming!
With the market for Wellness Tourism worth $678 billion*, the demand for retreats is completely exploding.

Since wellness travellers spend 130% more per trip than the average tourist, retreats are not only a growing industry, but also a very lucrative one (*Source: SRI International).  This is the perfect time to dive in and get started building a retreat business. 
So, what kind of retreat can you run?

The image conjured when people think of retreats is one of yoga on a beach. And yes, many retreats do involve yoga set in dreamy, hot spots like Tulum, Bali, and Nosara, this is not the only way to design a retreat.

Design a retreat around your passion!
All you need for a retreat is a group of people with a shared passion and a courageous leader (aka YOU) who will guide them on an adventure. You can:

​​​​​​​Offer a retreat that evokes deep transformation in your students
​​​​​​​Create a signature leadership retreat tied to your coaching program   
​​​​​​​Offer an experiential retreat in the magic of Costa Rica in which guests zip line through the rainforest to face their deepest fears
​​​​​​​Create a soul searching expedition to Peru (maybe Machu Picchu)
​​​​​​​Organize a group trip to walk the El Camino in Spain

"If you’ve ever thought about running a retreat, there truly is no other program out there like this."
- Emily Grace Money Mindset Coach
Why does RetreatU work so well?
The reality with many online programs is that very few participants actually consume the content and even less take action. Knowing this, we designed RetreatU as a community that empowers members to take action. We set you up for success in a very fun way. The program teaches you WHAT to do and our community gives you support and accountability. Here's how we do things differently:

Our training is fun and relevant

Each of the 5 modules is jam packed with valuable knowledge and practical steps to bring your retreat business to life. We provide simple and practical strategies that are proven to deliver results.

Global community of support
Our community of retreat leaders thrives on collaboration, not competition. We know the more retreat leaders there are, the more success we'll all have. The vibe in our private Facebook group is incredible. Want advice about Peru? Ask Liz, because she visits there often. Need a retreat centre in Hawaii? Ask Melissa, because she actually lives there. Our community is a safe space to ask your burning questions.
Expert coach and mentor
After working with entrepreneurs for more than 25 years, I know exactly what makes people tick and why people stand in their own way. Content alone never moved anyone to action. As you step into your new role as a retreat leader you’re going to face some fear, self-doubt and limiting beliefs. You likely already have, and that’s why you haven’t started yet. I understand the mindset of running a business and I'll help you shift through your fear and limiting beliefs. I can't wait to see you on our live Q&A webinars. I'll give you the kick in the butt you really need.

OK real talk: how long have you been TALKING about your dream? Seriously, how long?  It's time to start taking action and bringing your dream to life. There are amazing people out there waiting to learn from you. So get off your butt and let's get started. Our community of amazing retreat leaders can't wait to meet you and support you in your vision.

Watch this video to learn about the community:
How does the program work?
RetreatU is an 8-week program that includes 5 modules. In this program you'll learn the step-by-step process, develop the mindset and build the confidence to start leading retreats. 
Start the 8-week program on a set date and the training videos will be directly emailed to you. There are also live member webinars where you can ask questions and meet other successful retreat leaders.
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This program is exclusively designed for coaches to leverage your practice, grow your network and expand your skill set. All while traveling the world and living your dream.
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Design a retreat your participants will rave about:

As a RetreatU member you’re going to learn all my best tips and secret strategies to create an experience that people rave about.

"Julie’s retreat blew my expectations out of the water. She is beyond amazing and truly defines how to lead from the heart.” - Heidi Gillis

“Julie has an unbelievable ability to connect a group together and create magic.”
- Lindsay Knowlton

“Julie is a self-discovery Jedi. She leads you right up to your edge, then encourages you to unlock your best self.” 
Portland Yogini
"This program teaches retreat leaders everything they need to know about running a successful retreat."
- Cathy Wassermann
Are you wondering... Is this program right for me?

Q: Do you have a passion for travel and love new experiences?

Q: Do you want to uplevel your business and add a new revenue stream?

Q: Are you ready to make large sums of money in an intense period of time?

Q: Are you craving a bigger stage to step onto?

Q: Is your middle name “FREEDOM”?  Or is your suitcase your BFF?​

If you answered HECK YA to any of these questions, then YES, sweetheart, this program IS right for you!  Thank goodness, because I wouldn't want you to be reading this crazy long web page for nothing!

Take the free training
What will I learn in the program?

The content in RetreatU is delivered as 5 different modules. Each module builds on the previous and provides very specific instruction on how to create your first retreat.

Module 1:
- Learn how to define your purpose and create a retreat plan
- Conduct research and create a retreat avatar (aka: your ideal participant)
- Define your unique zone of genius and what makes you so darn special
- Learn how to start building your community and engage them in the planning process
- Learn the advantages of co-hosting and decide if it's right for you

Module 2:
- Learn the proven process to guarantee demand for your retreat
- Select the right venue for your retreat
- Learn how to price your retreat and use pricing strategies to sell out quickly
- Learn the importance of list building
- Understand how to leverage a retreat agency

Module 3:
- Finalize your retreat pricing and establish your pricing windows
- Determine how much lead time you need to host a local Vs destination retreat
- Create a communications plan
- Create your primary marketing tool and booking forms
- Determine how and when to collect payments


Module 4:
- Learn the top tips for marketing your retreat and how to use the campaign approach
- Create a unique offering and market it as an experience
- Learn valuable accelerators to sell your retreat quickly
- Avoid the biggest mistakes new retreat leaders make
- Learn divine marketing strategies and how to best use them

Module 5:
- Understand the psychology of selling and how people make decisions
- Determine your selling strategy 
- Learn different resources for promotion and gaining exposure
- Learn the secret selling approach necessary to attract first time participants
- Understand how to leverage different selling cycles

So, what else is included?

No one likes to learn in a vacuum, so you'll be part of our thriving members group and network with expert retreat leaders around the world!

Here are a few other things included in your membership:

Permanent membership in our private Facebook group

Training checklist of course videos

Access to all webinars

Participation in regular member webinars

Exclusive discounts and priority registration for retreats and events

"I know I can reach for the stars now with my retreats and I am so excited to do that.”
Jackie Scholes Wren Leadership
"Most importantly, this is a super fun community."
Rebecca Noseworthy Dietician
"Julie has an unbelievable ability to connect a group together and create magic."
Lindsay Knowlton Iron Lady Golf
   * * BONUS OFFER * * 

For a limited time you’ll also receive the content in 2 bonus modules.

Ever struggle with Imposter Syndrome or don't understand the business side of things? Then you're going to love these two bonus modules.

Leadership & Mindset

Find out how to avoid the biggest mistakes new retreat leaders make

Develop a retreat leader mindset and uplevel your brand

Clear your fear and avoid the common saboteurs retreat leaders face

Learn strategies to help you operate outside of your comfort zone

Develop your unique retreat leader brand

​​​​​​​Get comfortable with self-promotion and start to play a bigger game

Advanced Strategies


Develop the skills to facilitate transformation and fun

Learn how to create intimacy and trust with strangers

Understand the breakdown/breakthrough cycle and how to deal with surprises

Manage your energy levels to avoid burnout

Learn how to open and close your retreat and prep participants to return home (aka "integrate")

Learn different strategies to build and scale a thriving retreat business

Other Perks of the Program!

Permanent access to all video training materials. Watch all the content now, and come back for what you need later on!
Leverage the strategies and tools in RetreatU and apply them to other areas of your business, such as workshops, courses and events.
We encourage collaboration and partnership with other members.

Unlimited access to all the training webinars with members, watch them as many times as you need.

Detailed instructions to handle the business side of things for your first retreat.

An entire module dedicated to leadership and mindset where we address any fears and self-doubt you may have.

Learn how to be a powerful facilitator, create content for your retreat and manage your energy levels.

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"If you have a sincere desire to run a retreat and you're ready to take action, then welcome to your tribe! My superpower is making dreams come true and I can't wait to hear about yours."

The world is ready for your greatness!


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