My Vision for RetreatU
Community + Travel + Transformation
This is more than business
After working with thousands of entrepreneurs around the world I know that people are seeking more than just a way to make money.

They want to build a business they're proud of and having fun while doing it.
What's it like to be part of RetreatU?
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About Julie

Best known for her edgy podcast, Conscious Business with The Corporate Yogi, Julie is a highly sought-after business coach and helps entrepreneurs build successful businesses.

Julie fuses Eastern and Western techniques and helps entrepreneurs conquer fear and limiting beliefs that stand in the way of their success.

“This podcast blew me away.” 

“Julie is brilliant.”

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Our Retreat Leader Manifesto

RetreatU is a global network of courageous leaders. And although our gifts may vary, we all share one common desire: the passion to help and serve others. We are a collective of
change-makers and this is what we stand for:

We love travel, adventure and new experiences
We believe in deep connection and raising consciousness
We believe in collaboration, not competition
We know community makes everything possible
We believe the world needs more retreats

We dream big and believe we’re worthy of big dreams
We lean into fear and trust that magic is on the other side
We choose to empower instead of compare
We believe retreats can heal and transform

We believe it’s possible to make lots of money doing what we love
We don’t feel guilt about making lots of money
We’re happiest and most alive in nature
We’ve dedicated our lives to helping others

And most importantly we believe in raising consciousness, one retreat at a time.

Pssst… The world is ready for your greatness. Are you ready to be seen and heard? 

"Fear is just your greatness in disguise."
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The story behind RetreatU


Hey there! Thanks for dropping by and checking out RetreatU. I'd love to share the cool story behind RetreatU, because all great movements start with a good story; don't they?

To be honest, running retreats came naturally to me. My background in marketing and event management and 25 years working in business prepared me well to run retreats and I dove right in. And as I started to spread the word about my amazing retreats I realized many others shared my vision, but were either too scared to take the first leap, or they tried and failed. This broke my heart and I had to help.

I started to realize that retreats can be a daunting task for some, specifically for those who don't have a business background. In 2015, I started running free workshops and webinars around the world to educate and empower others. As people felt empowered by my 5-Step Process and being part of my community, I realized there was a greater need to build a network of retreat leaders to educate, collaborate, and support each other. And voila, RetreatU was born.

A collaborative learning environment
I knew that RetreatU had to be more than a stand-alone course because content alone doesn't move anyone to take action. And so, RetreatU is designed as an interactive environment for shared learning and collaboration. Each new member is welcomed into our thriving Facebook group where they can ask questions, get accountability and learn from other experts.  Learning in a vacuum isn't fun. Social interaction and community is the key to success.
Deep Wisdom
In addition to learning the 5-Step Process and how to guarantee demand for your retreat, you'll also take an entire module on leadership and mindset to "clear the fear" and remove any self-doubt or limiting beliefs. We'll remove any fear-based stories that stand between you and your dream.

Mindset Mastery
If you have the sincere desire to start running retreats or workshops, then welcome to your tribe. You will learn EVERYTHING you need to know about running retreats, and you'll also be part of a network of powerful leaders. This is the one place where you're guaranteed to receive a ton of loving support. We will encourage your big dreams and be your personal group of cheerleaders that support you along the road to realizing your big dream.
Our 5 Core Values
1. Knowledge

We believe that information is for sharing, not for power plays. So we don’t believe in competition. The more of us that start running retreats means more awareness for the power of retreats. That's exactly what we want. Yay to abundance, boo to scarcity. RetreatU began as a sharing of information for free, and we still offer a lot of great content for free. Be sure to check out the free training!

2. Community

Let’s face it, every experience is better with someone to witness it, right? And so too is your retreat leader journey. If you’ve ever enjoyed meeting cool people on retreat then you’re in for a big surprise because our network of global retreat leaders is SOLID. Dream if you will, an entire group of people as passionate and driven as you are!  We can’t wait to meet you.

3. Courage
As a retreat leader you’re going to be called forth to be courageous and have a big impact on your participants. When you tap into your courage you gain the strength to face your fears. Remember, you can never bypass fear, you must face it head on. In order to grow, you must commit to doing the things you are afraid of. That's why we like to say, "Fear is just your greatness in disguise".
4. Growth
When you step into your leadership you’ll become an expanded version of yourself. This may be challenging and a lot of work. Don't worry, we all go through it. We always say that your business can’t grow until you do. And remember, the bigger space you're able to step into, the richer of an experience you’ll be offering your participants.
5. Fun

If you’re not having fun, you’re not doing it right. Retreats are magical and you should approach them as such. If you ever feel scared or intimidated, pinch yourself and try to lighten up. This is what our Facebook group is made for, confess your fear and you’ll get overwhelmed with love and support. Then you can get back on board the fun train.


"If you have a sincere desire to run a retreat and you're ready to take action, then welcome to your tribe! My superpower is making dreams come true and I can't wait to hear about yours."

The world is ready for your greatness!


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